About Create Pod

Create Pod is a podcast about the art of podcasting. The show is produced by Permanent RCRD Studios in Austin, TX, and co-hosted by podcasters/producers Mike Moody and Grant Davis.

Join Mike, Grant and a diverse group of guests on their journey to learn everything there is to know about making a great podcast. They report, research, and bring you candid stories, tips, and guidance from some of the most innovative podcasters and content creators on the internet.

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Your Hosts

Mike Moody is the co-founder of Permanent RCRD Studios, a podcast studio in Austin, TX. A former entertainment journalist and media critic, Mike now works as a publications editor and podcast producer in Austin. He’s the producer and co-host of the TV review podcasts Mr. Robot, Oh! and Star Trek Discovery Pod. Mike also co-hosts The TV Dudes podcast and co-produces the podcast Fem TV.

Mike’s favorite podcasts include Reply All, Filmspotting, Unspooled, Our Opinions are Correct, and Pod Save America.

Grant Davis is the co-founder of Permanent RCRD Studios. He’s host and producer of Austin’s The TV Dudes podcast, the producer of Beach Cop Detectives, and cohost of Star Trek Discovery Pod, Rage Select, and the award-winning The Beerists Podcast.

Grant’s favorite podcasts include The Good Place The Podcast, Pod Save America, Invisibilia, Hardcore History, and The Beer Temple Insider’s Roundtable.